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Ziyi Yang

Ph.D. student in Computer Science

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I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Brown University supervised by Prof. Stefanie Tellex. My interest lies in the intersection of Robotics and Nature Language.

I obtained my M.S degree in Robotics at Northeastern University, working with Prof. Lawson Wong on the topic of vision-language navigation. I majored in Mechanical Engineering, while I later found my interest in deep learning & robotics and transferred to Robotics in 2020, after finishing my internship at Analogic.

Currently, I’m leading a happy life with my girlfriend and my cat at Providence :)

Current Interests:

  • Enforcing safety guarantee in language grounding for robots.
  • Interpretable intermediate representation for language grounding tasks.
  • Using natural language to assist reinforcement learning
  • Reading manga. Here is my manga rating page