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Ziyi Yang

Ph.D. student in Computer Science

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I’m a PhD student in Computer Science at Brown University supervised by Prof. Stefanie Tellex. My interest lies in the intersection of Robotics and Nature Language. My goal is to bridge human mind and robot behaviors with structural systems (neuro-symbolic, compositional, hierarchical, etc.) I believe that The Bitter Lesson might be right for the past, but doesn’t tell us about the future. I enjoy talking with people regarding research ideas and PhD career/application. Please feel free to email me if you would like to talk!

Previously, I obtained my M.S degree in Robotics at Northeastern University, working with Prof. Lawson Wong on the topic of vision-language navigation. I had a background in Mechanical Engineering, while I later found my interest in deep learning & robotics and transferred to the field of robotics in 2020, after finishing my internship at Analogic.

Currently, I’m leading a happy life with my girlfriend and my cat in Providence :)

Current Interests:

  • Representation learning for different “concepts” in robot learning, e.g., motor skills, temporal dependency, abstraction of events.
  • Using natural language to assist robot learning and planning.
  • Interpretable intermediate representation for robotic tasks.
  • Leveraging the abilities of foundation models through composition for embodied reasoning.
  • Reading manga. Osamu Tezuka is my GOAT. Here is my manga rating page.
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